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Traditional Chinese Tea Cakes

Green Tea

Our extensive selection of green teas will amaze your senses with delicious and freshness in tea leaves. They are made from leaves and buds handpicked by the Long’s Tea team in the remote areas of China. Handpicked leaves are steamed, heated, rolled into different shapes and then dried under the sun. Brewed green tea is widely known for its health benefits such as body detox, lower cholesterol and enhances the immune system. Most of our green tea has a grassy green, yellow or light brown in colour with an earthy, sweet, toasty and herbaceous flavour profile.  

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Rose herbal tea is originated from Longnan (Gansu Province); it contains high levels of vitamin C, rich properties and organic acids that inhibit digestive system issues. In additional rose tea can strengthen the immune system, act as an energy stimulant, and remove colds and flu in a natural way. 


Products: Mini Raw Pu Erh Origin: Yunnan Province, China Weight: 100g Steeping Temperature for Tea: 100 degrees Infusion time: ­­­­5-8 seconds


Products: Mini cooked tea cake Origin: Yunnan Province, China Weight: 100g Steeping Temperature for Tea: 100 degrees Infusion time: ­­­­5-8 seconds

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