About us

Life is a cup of tea… it is how you make it… can be intricate, calming and peaceful.

Long’s Tea is an Australian based retail and wholesale company currently situated in Sydney metropolitan area. Our mission is to bring traditional Chinese Tea into western cultures, allowing people from diverse backgrounds to experience unique and authentic senses of tea. We supply an assortment of the highest and premium quality of teas from different parts of China. Whether you run a café, a tea house or a restaurant, Long’s Tea will provide you authentic teas with signature blends that can suit your preferences.        

Our interest in the rich history of teas has led us to have genuine aspirations to spread an appreciation of this beverage. Most Chinese traditional teas have been discovered by an Emperor and previously the domain of Royalty and the social elite. Currently, it is now truly an everyman’s libation, and yet a cup of quality and perfectly brewed tea is nothing short of elegance and luxury defined, capable of transporting you and easing the worries of the day.

For further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via:

Email: info@longstea.com.au

Phone: (02) 9585 8709
            0447 722 689