Mini Tea Cake | Cooked 100g

Mini Tea Cake | Cooked Pu Erh

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Products: Mini cooked tea cake

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Weight: 100g

Steeping Temperature for Tea: 100 degrees

Infusion time: ­­­­5-8 seconds

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What is Cooked Pu Erh?

Cooked Pu Erh (also known as Shou Cha) is undergone full fermentation and utilises a traditional method to accelerate the ageing processing by roasting. This style tea has a similar taste and colour profile to Raw Pu Erh Tea despite different development methods. It has a subtle bitterness that transition to a silky, mellow, smoky and sweet flavour. The liquor colour of brewed Cooked Pu Erh Tea is characterised by matte reddish brown with dark red hues.

Tea Description: 

Mini Cooked Tea Cake is ripened tea that has undergone full fermentation and produced from a wet pilling process. It is hand-pressed and organic tea made of our high-grade tea leaves from Yunnan Province China. The tea leaves that we use are Gong Ting, which is referred to as Imperial Court. This type of leaves is unique as it is aged tea that was gifted to the Royal Family. The fermentation process does not require an extensive time frame as it only takes a few months to produce. To attain an original taste of the tea leaves, it is recommended to in steep into hot water between 5-8 seconds. The colour of the tea has a dark and translucent burgundy to brown brew. Pu Erh tea can assist in calming the stomach after a heavy meal. Thus it is suitable for everyday drinking.

Health Benefits:

Reduce stress, anxiety, cholesterol and improve digestion and metabolism

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