Red Tea

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Products: Red Tea

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Weight: 40g

Steeping Temperature for Tea: 100 degrees

Infusion time: ­­­­5-8 seconds

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Red Tea

Red Tea is fermented tea that is usually harvested during the late summer months. It is naturally caffeine-free herbal tea that is perfect for a wake-up call with a combination of distinct flavours of sweet, fruity, earthy and mellow. Depending on the duration of tea extraction, the colour of brewed red tea can transition from deep amber to brown.      

Tea Description 

Signature Red tea (commonly known as “Hong Cha” or “rooibos”) leaves are harvested in the late summer months in seedbeds. This style of tea is different as we handpick high grade leaves from ancient tress that has been aged over 1000 years. Fresh tea leaves are cut into even lengths and bruised to assist the fermentation process. After this phase, tea leaves are air dried under the sun and left to ferment in low heaps. During fermentation, the process of oxidation process takes place in cool and humid rooms where the final product changes from green to its characteristic dark amber colour. This impacts the red tea’s flavour by developing a pungent and distinctive sweet aroma. To prevent unwanted oxidation, the leaves are roasted in hot woks or ovens.   

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