Royal Pu Erh 2006 | Cooked Pu Erh

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Products: Cooked Pu Erh Tea

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Weight: 70g

Steeping Temperature for Tea: 100 degrees

Infusion time: ­­­­5-8 seconds

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Cooked Pu Erh

Cooked Pu Erh (also known as Shou Cha) is undergone full fermentation and utilises a traditional method to accelerate the ageing processing by roasting. This style tea has a similar taste and colour profile to Raw Pu Erh Tea despite different development methods. It has a subtle bitterness that transition to a silky, mellow, smoky and sweet flavour. The liquor colour of brewed Cooked Pu Erh Tea is characterised by matte reddish brown with dark red hues.

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