Ban Zhang Ripe Pu Er (2017)
Ban Zhang Ripe Pu Er (2017)

Ban Zhang Ripe Pu Er (2017)

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Origin: Ban Zhang, Yunnan Province, China

Year: 2017 pressing (stored as mao cha (loose leaf) 2007 )

Profile: Harvest in 2017 stored as mao cha before compressing, if you like rich flavour from “Ban Zhang” tea base you cannot miss this amazing Ban Zhang ripe pu er. Ban Zhang is known as the king of Raw Pu Er, with a rich strong bitterness tea taste. It is usually process as Raw Pu Er as there is limited quantity during each harvest. By fermenting into a ripe pu er there are risks in fermenting successfully. This teacake has been nominated as the King of ripe pu er in 2017 batch.

Taste: Strong creamy rich of earthiness, with a hint of sweetness after taste.

Brewing suggestions: 

13 grams of tea leaves | Brew with boiling water | Steeping time 10 seconds | Re-infuse 8 times

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