Cha Wang Raw Pu Er Tea Cake (2003)

Cha Wang Raw Pu Er Tea Cake (2003)

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Origin: Yunan, China

Year: 2003 pressing (store various before)

Profile: One of the early raw puer cake from our Chinese company Zhenhong with our Gourd“Hu Lu“ as a symbolisation. A 20 years old raw puer has slowly transformed and fermented to a ripe cake. Tea cake has been store dry condition, very crisp clean cake.

Taste: First infusion strong in cha qi and texture, can tell by the rich story behind this cake. Great mellow sweetness lingers for aftertaste. Long lasting infusions.

Brewing Suggestions: 

10 grams of tea leaves | Boiling water is the best | Steeping time 8 seconds | Re-infuse up to 8 times (could be more if you are a light tea drinker)

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