Da Shu Raw Pu Er Tea Cake (2011)

Da Shu Raw Pu Er Tea Cake (2011)

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大樹生普洱餅茶 (shù shēng pǔ’ěr bǐng chá)

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Year: 2011

Profile: This tea was harvest in 2011 Spring in Menghai Yunnan Province, China. We named this tea Da Shu Cha because it was harvest from a 200-year-old age tree, where the number of tea leaves produces from such age tree was minimal. This tea has been stored in dry conditions with consistent fermentation.

Taste: This tea slowly transformed into a ripe puer with a creamy texture. strong cha qi aroma and lingers with great balance bitterness.

Brewing Suggestions: 

10 grams of tea leaves | Boiling water is perfect for age tea | Steeping time 10 seconds  | Reinfuse up to 10-12 times (maybe longer if your lighter tea drinker)

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