Pumpkin Raw Pu Er Tea Cake (2016)

Pumpkin Raw Pu Er Tea Cake (2016)

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Recommended for raw pu er beginners

Origin: Yunnan Province, China


Profile:This tea was named due to the shape of the cake compressed like a pumpkin, need to clarrify there are no added pumpkin taste to the tea. This tea was harvest in 2016 in later spring period. Later spring tea are tend to be more stronger and subtle compare to first spring tea. This tea is very well processed with a clean subtle finishes. 

Taste: This tea beautifully changed in taste in different infusions. From subtle to sweet after notes, well recommended for those who started raw pu er, this tea would be a great guide in taste in the middle “bittersweet” range . 

Brewing Suggestions: 

10 grams of tea leaves | Boiling water is perfect for age tea | Steeping time 10 seconds  | Reinfuse up to 10-12 times (maybe longer if your lighter tea drinker)

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