Yunnan Gu Shu Red Tea (2016)
Yunnan Gu Shu Red Tea (2016)

Yunnan Gu Shu Red Tea (2016)

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Profile:Red Tea is fermented tea that is usually harvested during early springtime. This style of tea is different as we handpick high-grade leaves from ancient trees that have been aged over 100 years. It is naturally caffeine herbal tea that is perfect for a wake-up call with a combination of distinct flavours of sweet, fruity, earthy and mellow. Depending on the duration of tea extraction, the colour of brewed red tea can transition from deep amber to brown.

Taste:Natural sweeten tea offers a delicate balance of strength and flavour. A smooth and delightful tea to start the day.

Brewing Recommendation: 7 grams tea leaves | Water temperature at 100 degrees | Steeping time 10 seconds | Reinfuse 6 times

Our red tea is a natural sweeten tea traditionally preferred to drink on its own, it tastes great without sugar and milk.

Storage Recommendation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and strong odours.

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